Do you have ideas and want to make the chapter better? We need your participation on our Board! The following positions are available as 2 year terms:

• President Elect - Learns duties of the President and steps in for President when needed.

• Secretary - Creates the Board's agenda and notes during a meeting and keeps us on task!

• VP Membership - Helps answer member's questions and encourages members to renew memberships

• VP Strategic Partnerships - Talks to our sponsors about Business Analyst role in their businesses and makes contacts with businesses who are willing to sponsor chapter events

One Board Positions is available but only is a one year term:
VP Events - Arranges the venue and catering for the Chapter Events.

Of course these are short descriptions of the detailed Board Responsibility available in the Bylaws.

Please email with any questions and your submission of information as a candidate or to nominate someone else for the Election. Please send these questions and candidacies by Wednesday, February 28th, 2018.
The Election will be in March, 2018.

Everyone in the chapter will appreciate YOUR ideas and your work to improve their experience and make this a better Nashvlle IIBA chapter!