Q: How do I renew my membership?
A: You must login and then click the renew link. Make sure you don’t create a new account. To renew, you would have to have been a member when the website was rolled-out January 31, 2014. If you were a member before then but never renewed, then you will need to click on Become a Member on the home page. If you have questions about your membership email vpmembership@nashvilleiiba.org

Q: Can I renew after my Middle Tennessee membership has expired?
A: Yes, login and click the renew link.

Q: Can I renew before my Middle Tennessee membership expires?
A: Yes, login and click the renew link. Twelve months will be added to your expiration date.

Q: Why is the non-member rate appearing for this event?
A: Either you selected the event without logging on or you did not logon with a member account (paid local chapter dues) or your membership has expired. The member rate will appear when your register to become a member of the Middle Tennessee Chapter or renew your membership.

Q: How do I become a Middle Tennessee Member?
A: You must first be a member of IIBA. Your IIBA number and expiration date is needed to register for a chapter member. Click on the Become a Member Link on Home Page or click Membership tab on Menu.
Note: You will receive two emails with account information. One with username and no password. The second email will have your username and system generated password, if you didn't enter one during registration. If you entered a password, the password field will have the words 'Your Password'.

Q: How do I register for an event as a non-member, I do not want to join?
A: There are a couple of ways: 1) On the home page, select the event from Upcoming Events (top right); or 2) On Home Page, select Events (from main menu) and then Event Listings.
After you select the event, Click on Register for This Event (located on last row) If you have an older browser version (e.g., IE8), register for this event will be in a small font (located on last row).

Q: I paid for an event as a non-member and created an account. I now want to join as a member. When I log on and click member I get a message that information is missing. How do I join using my existing username as a non-member?
A:. Without logging on just click ‘Become a member’ and enter information and use the same username and password that you paid for the event.

Q:Can someone pay for me, like my assistant?.
A: Yes, you will need to log on, to get your member rate, and have them enter the payment information. In the order comments section, have them put your name or the name(s) of the person they are registering.

Q: I am a full-time student, is there a special rate.
A: Full-time students are allowed to register for events at a member rate. The professor or student must contact us for pre-approval via email, president@nashvilleiiba.org. An email will be sent to the student with instructions for them to register.

Q: If I started creating a chapter membership account but did not finish, do I need to start over?
A: Depending on where you were in the process. Click on Shopping Cart and see if you have items listed. If there are no items then you will need to start over.

Q: My account is locked. What do I do?
A: If there were 3 unsuccessful log in attempts your account will lock. You will have to wait 6 hours for the account to unlock. Then you can try again. If unsure of your password click forgot password or send an email to vptechnology@nashvilleiiba.org .

Q: I wanted to see information on my order, where do I find it?
A: Logon and go to My Account. There is a section on Orders, click the tab to view history. If you have any problems with your order send an email to vptechnology@nashvilleiiba.org

Q: Where do I update my email address?
A: Logon, under Quick Links click on My Account. Then click the Edit tab.

Q: How do I reset my password?
A: On Home page, Click the link to request a new password, Enter your username or email, You receive an email with a link back to the website - click the link, You arrive at the reset password page and click "Log in", That takes you to your user account page where you can enter a new password, Enter your new password twice and click "save"

Q: What is the difference between My Account and Profile?
A: My Account is used to track order information, email address, member expiration date, and roles. Profile is used for your personal information that is needed for the Member Directory and the Middle Tennessee IIBA Chapter.

Q: How do I remove my resume?
A: Send an email to vptechnology@nashvilleiiba.org

Q: Are there pages that can only be seen when a member is logged in?
A: Yes, the following pages can be seen when logged in as a chapter member: Add a Resume, Member Directory, Member Benefits, and Event Archives.

Q: Can anyone post a job?
A: Yes, anyone can post a job. However, the job must be approved before it is posted on the website. If changes are needed to the job send an email to president@nashvilleiiba.org

Q: When trying to log off, I am getting this message "Access Denied..." ?
A: Close your browser and the system will automatically log you off. This sporadically happens and it is a bug we are looking into (it has occurred with Chrome using Windows 7).