The Mission Critical but Misunderstood Skill: Elicitation

Chapter Lunch Event

Cynthia Anderson (Manager, Clinical Business Solution Analysis, HCA)

The business analysis practice is young and there continues to be confusion about the role, responsibilities and value of the BA. Other than the often heard “What is a BA?” question that persists, the second frustration is the stubborn persistence that a BA gathers requirements. In reality requirements aren’t sitting around in a perfect state waiting to be gathered like Easter eggs, rather the business analyst discovers or elicits good requirements through skills like planning, listening and asking exploratory questions. Understanding the definition of elicitation is the first step toward realizing the additional skills needed to successfully deliver a solid set of solution requirements. Elicitation utilizes a set of techniques that aids the BA in exploring the stakeholders’ requirements. These techniques have proven to be effective when the BA implements them appropriately depending on the needs of the project and the availability of the stakeholders. This presentation lists the steps of each technique along with the strengths and weaknesses. This information presents the most common elicitation techniques and best practices. Adding these tools to their tool set better equips the business analyst and adds value to the project. The goals in presenting this material are to advance the value of business analysis which includes education and awareness. Elevation of this role involves professional recognition that elicitation is a distinctive skill the BA brings to the table.

Learning Objectives

- Define multiple elicitation techniques
- State the steps involved in each technique. Match appropriate elicitation techniques with scenarios
- Define multiple question types used to elicit information

Cynthia Anderson manages a team of clinical business analysts in the Business Analysis Center of Excellence in IT&S at Hospital Corporation of America (HCA). Cynthia has been with HCA since early 2008 where she began as a consulting business analyst in IT&S Product Development. She joined the newly formed Center of Excellence in 2010 and was promoted to manager in 2014. Cynthia has over 20 years of IT&S and business experience including roles in business analysis, project management, design and development, management and database administration. A graduate from Belmont University in Information Systems Management, Cynthia also completed her Six Sigma Green Belt certification at HCA. A native of Nashville, Cynthia has seen the healthcare landscape evolve along with advances in technology.

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